What is CayenneApps?

CayenneApps is a web application which helps businesses and individuals to identify their top priorities.

The Cayenne SWOT module takes advantage of a popular strategy method called the SWOT analysis, but enhances it greatly to make finding top priorities easier. SWOT can be used to validate a new startup or product ideas, to assess the current state of business or to help to identify the right career path. To do so, CayenneApps extends the basic process of analysis and utilizes a custom algorithm which, based on user input, determines, for example, the most critical weaknesses or most promising opportunities.

CayenneApps - SWOT analysis
CayenneApps – SWOT analysis


Why we chose the name Cayenne?

We know that sometimes a seemingly insignificant thing like a spice can completely change the flavor of an entire dish. We encourage you to experiment with and add new spices to your business or your life, because, as Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”