1:1 Replica Watches Swiss Movement Evaluation

My replica watch was purchased at Findreplicawatches. According to the ranking of the website, I purchased a 1:1 level. The website description is a real Swiss eta movement. I have tried it for a week. Lets start with the time accuracy. We cant avoid the movement. Findreplicawatches has upgraded the original 2824 movement in recent years, reducing it from 25 jewels to 23 jewels, and the vibration frequency from the original 7 per second. The number of times has been reduced to 6 times, in exchange for up to 80 hours of battery life, which is double the previous version of the movement, so its time accuracy is very high!

There is not much information on the silicon balance spring movement of 1:1 replica watches on the Internet. After various comparisons, it is found that this c07811 movement still maintains 25 diamonds, and the escapement structure is not a plastic part. Sudden interest is coming, let it be!

Finally, I took a high-definition picture. The word si representing the silicon hairspring is very recognizable. The weights on the metal escapement wheel are clear when it is stopped, and the typical non-stick structure.

The movement of 1:1 replica watch is generally polished, which adds up to three boards, and it has a rough and cheap feel everywhere. But this movement has a high plasticity, and it can be sold several times by changing the brand and polishing it slightly. The key is that the performance of this movement is against the sky. The online information shows that this movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory. The actual use day is stable at +-1 second. This stability is against the sky. It can be said that if it is not certified, it is also a certified Fine-tuned movement.

Compared with the performance of the movement, the overall workmanship and materials of 1:1 replica watches are much simpler. The dial is very plain as a whole, but it also has some sense of design, such as brushed sun pattern processing. The scale block has four styles of inverted triangle, circle, long strip and short strip. The second hand also has a small circle. The date is at six o'clock. , But from the side you can see a little corner of the next day. The number of the ceramic ring is similar to the bright silver of stainless steel. The mirror has no anti-reflective treatment. It will flash when you bring it on. It has certain jewelry properties. I want to make a complaint here. The inverted triangle actually presses a piece of Swiss wool, which can be seen with wide eyes at a certain angle, but there is no guarantee that changing one will not cause more problems. Just let it be. The price and tool attributes of the watch are right. Its workmanship requirements are not so high at once.

I used to think that the 1:1 replica watches canvas strap is soft, and it is easy to get wet and smelly. Actually, the strap is very hard and still has a certain texture. It is still a quick-release buckle, which is easy to fluff, and the buckle does not know why it is designed. Two raised, tied hands. In addition, the ceramic ring turns loosely, some of the scales of the pointer are aligned and some of the scales are offset, and there are many scratches on the quick release pin of the lug. I don't know if it is an assembly problem. But the flaws are not concealed, this 1:1 replica watch is definitely super cost-effective! ! !