Panerai 1392 Replica Watch

When I first got to know the Panerai brand, my brother bought a Panerai 0312 in 2017. At first glance, I only thought that the watch of this brand was more retro and rough, suitable for people with hairy arms and tough guys. , I gradually realized that I was fascinated by Panerai, not to mention that I think I am a bit tougher than my brother, and I must be more suitable for me

So I have been learning about the Panerai brand on the Internet in the later days, understanding its movement, and the charm of each price point. However, this process lasted for a year. Of course, buying a 1:1 replica watches must also follow I decided on my actual situation. To find a model that suits me, I finally chose a panerai 1392 replica watch 1:1 made, which cost me 600 usd, which satisfies all my imagination of panerai, because it is exactly the same as real panerai. They are all made of ceramics.

For panerai, the bigger the dial, the more it fits the characteristics of the brand. At the beginning, it was mainly because of its large dial that attracted me. If it has that strength, I think the 48mm dial can really meet my psychological needs.

A few days ago, my Panerai 1392 replia watch accidentally dropped to the floor. Fortunately, it was the floor tiles in the bathroom at home, but the mark on the upper left corner was inevitably left. I felt distressed immediately. For the perfectionist, it was really difficult to accept. , So I plan to buy another one. A very man's watch, it's super clone richard mille.

Finally, I took some photos of my Panerai 1392 Replica watch, lets enjoy it together!