Our inspirations and mission

Everyday, each person completes a number of different tasks, either in personal or business life, but very often the real meaning of these tasks is lost.

Our mission is to enrich these tasks with purpose and a wider context - to make the tasks an obvious part of previously defined goals and decisions that have already been made.

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CayenneApps - spice up your business!

Why we chose the name Cayenne

The name Cayenne is about adding flavor to your business and to your personal life.

Cayenne is not only a great and popular spice, but also very healthy one. It gives you a bit of spice without feeling overwhelmed.

So, spice up your day-to-day actions with CayenneApps!

Do you share our passion for improvements?

The people behind CayenneApps

CayenneApps, the team: Sandra
Business system analyst. Focused on finding purpose in every action. Avid traveler and cat lover :-)
CayenneApps, the team: Kamil
Happy software engineer. Likes exploring new productivity-boosting tools and platforms. After hours a big fan of cycling and martial arts.
CayenneApps, the team: Andrzej
Passionate software engineer and agilist. Always foolish, always hungry. Lean startup and design enthusiast ;-)

Do you have any questions? We are here for you!
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