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CayenneApps - Discover priorities using SWOT analysis
SWOT Analysis

Use our SWOT analysis builder to discover your top priorities and receive your recommended action plan. See more

Define the list of your urgent and long term goals and track your progress using our beatifuly designed dashboard. See more

Create tasks aligned with your goals, define your week schedule and track the achievement progress.See more

You can use each module separately or you can combine them into one powerful productivity suite. It is totally up to you!

Employ just four simple steps to achieve any goal

Utilize process-driven approach in which all your priorities, goals and tasks are part of the process of continuous improvements.

CayenneApps Process - Discover priorities

Get a recommended improvement strategy. SWOT analysis and step-by-step wizard will help you get your strategy.
CayenneApps Process - Set Goals

Achieve any goal you have always dreamed about. Take advantage of the Eisenhower Matrix and the SMART method.
CayenneApps Process - Plan and Execute

Plan and implement your everyday actions. Easily create daily routines that will bring you closer to achieving your goal.
CayenneApps Process - Review and Improve

Track and review your progress as part of a weekly cycle. Statistics, graphs and insights will keep you on track.

Plan your progress, track your achievements

CayenneApps provides you with a powerful set of features which will help you to spend your time more efficiently.

The Best methods
Utilize carefully selected methods such as: SWOT analysis, SMART goals, Eisenhower Matrix and Kanban Board.
Decision support
Define meaningful goals based on helpful insights from your SWOT analyses and recommended strategies.
Small steps support
Take advantage of built-in support for seeking and having small improvements each day.
Motivational surprises
Make the use of karma points system, reminders and gifts to keep your level of motivation up.
Plan and track your progress using high-level views of your goal and tasks.
Create regular tasks or use routine tasks to create positive daily habits.
Plan and review your in-progress and done activities in the Calendar.
Track your personal level of productivity using visual trends and statistics.
CayenneApps - what users say about us

CayenneApps allows people to utilize a clean and vibrant resource to better lead their teams in a clear direction for maximum results.

CayenneApps - what users say about us
Love what you've done with the SWOT tool - you've turned a routine (and often overlooked) tool into something practical and insightful.

Daniel Merriott, MBA – Performance Consultant at Openleaf (openleaf.co.nz)
CayenneApps - what users say about us
I just finished SWOT analysis and I have to say I loved it. Very powerful and useful.

If your an entrepreneur this is a must!

Vernes Okanovich, founder of Epitosoft
CayenneApps - what users say about us
With CayenneApps SWOT you don't need to read 200 pages book about SWOT Analysis to get started - it will lead you by hand through 5 simple steps.

I would definitely use this tools for all my future ventures and projects

Krzysztof Saniak, owner of DIGITRIE

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