Lesson learned from the MVP building

3 lessons learned when developing a new product with the Minimum Viable Product

We released the Goals Module in our application suite no more than four weeks ago, and in this time almost 460 goals have been created by our users. This is great news, because it means that the few months that we spent working on the first release was definitely time well spent. The first release of Goals […]

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How to save yourself from unproductive meetings

How to save ourselves from unproductive meetings

Recently, I was sitting with my friends in a restaurant and we were having a short discussion about our work. My friends complained a lot about their calendars being crammed with meetings. Their participation in these meetings consumed a vast amount of their time, and consequently they had to take care of important work-related issues […]

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Retrospectives - how to move forward your busiiness

How to perform a good agile retrospective

One of the pillars of today’s businesses is change. Small startups struggle to find a stable customer niche; large companies want to deliver things faster. The business environment is also changing, and we are trying hard to keep moving forward. But because of the hectic pace of the business world, very often we fail to […]

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