Coffee shop - SWOT analysis for your business

Coffee Shop - SWOT analysis for your business

The article is based on Coffee shop – SWOT analysis, which can be found in the Library, in CayenneApps SWOT application.

In CayenneApps, one of our main goals is to help small businesses to start up efficiently. Previously, we showed you how to create a SWOT analysis based on examples of enterprise commercial giants such as Amazon or Walmart, and trending startups such as Airbnb or Uber. These analyses turned out to be extremely popular, so we will continue to publish them.

But, at the same time, we are beginning a new series of articles called “SWOT For Your Business”. There are millions of small businesses around the globe. Whether it is the United States or Poland, small businesses drive the economy and fuel the wealth of the society, and it is in our best interest to empower them.

Cayenneapps SWOT analysis for a coffee shop

So, from now on, we will regularly present you with SWOT analyses targeted precisely to small businesses. You will find here analyses about small coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores or internet-based services. On the one hand, these analyses can be seen as a potential business inspirations, but on the other hand they can be also customised and modified to facilitate an already existing business plans.

Interactive SWOT analysis for Coffee shop

When we thought about the idea of this new series, we started to wonder what business SWOT we should do first. It is not so easy to select just one because there are so many possibilities! Then, we read that recently a new coffee shop opened in Krakow (Poland). But it is not a regular coffee shop. It is called “Kociarnia” and it is the first cat cafe in Poland. Cat cafes, as the name suggests, are coffee shops, the main attraction of which are cats which actually live there. In this new type of cafe, you not only can drink coffee but also interact with your favorite feline. Coffee, cakes and cats in a single place. Pretty neat, huh?

So, eventually, we decided that our first small business SWOT will be about coffee shops — not specifically about the cat cafe, but coffee shops in general.

Please, check out our video below and feel free to make the SWOT for Coffee Shop yours (which we have prepared and which is now available as an example in the CayenneApps SWOT Library

What we really love about the analyses which we share with you is that they are so flexible. The attribute which we placed in the strengths section doesn’t fit your current businesses environment? No problem — just select a different attribute and the SWOT analysis result may change completely. Do you think that a particular feature is not so important for you? It’s no problem. Just change the weight assigned to the feature and the entire SWOT analysis will change. We think that these types of analyses stand out because they adapt to the business flow, they changes and always reflect current business reality — it’s truly amazing.

Do you have any additional ideas for future businesses? Let us know, we would love to write about it in our next article.

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