SWOT analysis to Strategy

4 steps to transforming a SWOT analysis into your strategy

First of all, I must admit that in CayenneApps we really do love SWOT analysis! It may be a bold confession nowadays when everything which is new and shiny is better, but it is true.

What’s not to love? SWOT is simple, powerful and proven to be effective. It encourages people to think more carefully about their businesses and decisions.

Even though SWOT is more than 50 years old, its potential still very often remains untapped. In this article, I want to show how, using our SWOT application, you can squeeze much more from your analysis and transform your regular SWOT into a true strategic planning tool. (more…)

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Walmart - SWOT Analysis

Walmart, the largest private employer in the U.S., has recently declared that it would increase the wages for a half-million of its employees.

Companies like Gap, Ikea and McDonald’s, in order to reduce turnover and attract more workers, have also moved to set hourly wages at or above $9. In comparison, Walmart’s biggest competitors like Costco and Target, even after Walmart’s salary increase, offer far better wages to their employees. Aside from competitive pressure to hire and retain low-wage workers, political pressure for higher wages increases steadily.

For the retail giant, which for years has been the target of widespread criticism over its low pay structure and increasing reliance on part-time workers, the threat of employee turnover has already materialized, and Walmart is now facing one of the highest staff turnover levels of any U.S. firms.

Will Walmart’s decision to raise salaries, which will cost them $1 billion per year threaten the company’s leading position in retail? Or, are the strengths of the company solid enough to survive this bold decision to raise employees’ salary? (more…)

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Communication at work

Openness and honesty: the true cornerstone of an efficient communication at work

A while back, I was engaged in the development of a new software solution in my day job. In one of the first days of development, a colleague created a wiki page, the purpose of which was to discover the best method for the design of one of the essential parts of a new solution. He naively thought that allowing people to discuss the design publicly would stimulate creativity and eventually lead to finding the best possible solution.

Sadly, he was wrong.


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McDonald's SWOT analysis

McDonald’s - SWOT analysis

The first McDonald’s restaurant in Poland was opened in 1992. It was only 3 years after the fall of communism. On the opening day at the corner of Marszałkowska street, 45,000 people wanted to see this American restaurant, the symbol of freedom and Western culture. On just this day alone, 13,300 orders were served and the company surpassed its highest ever daily number of transactions.

22 years later, the famous building ‘Sezam’, in which the first McDonald’s was located, was demolished. For many years, Sezam diverged from changing surroundings and eventually the decision to replace it with a new, modern and glass facade office center. It is hard to avoid thinking about the analogy between this building and McDonald’s restaurants. The question is: has McDonald’s adjusted to the changing reality sufficiently to stay on the leaders place?


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