8. Day after World Cup Final. SWOT beyond business.

What a game! It was historical 113th minute, Mario Goetze scored and Germany won their fourth Cup in history. For Argentina it was a disappointment, also because it was their best game in Brazilian finals. But it was not enough for Germany, which - to be honest - did not have another “wow” match, similar […]

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7. Who will win the World Cup? Germany and Argentina examined on SWOT.

Only two more days left to the Big Game. On Sunday, Germany will stand against Argentina in the World Cup 2014 Final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whether German midfielders will overcome great Argentine attackers? Will Leo Messi finally score another goal? Which tactics is better for Germany: to attack or to defend themselves? Does […]

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Germany vs Argentina - deep SWOT Analysis (World Cup)

Todays post is quite different from others. Also it is not directly connected to businesses, startups and planning. Interested? Read on! SWOT can┬ábe fun! Some people may think that the SWOT analysis is only applicable for a business purpose and that it is actually quite boring. In fact, I believe that they could not be […]

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