7. Who will win the World Cup? Germany and Argentina examined on SWOT.

Only two more days left to the Big Game. On Sunday, Germany will stand against Argentina in the World Cup 2014 Final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Whether German midfielders will overcome great Argentine attackers?
  • Will Leo Messi finally score another goal?
  • Which tactics is better for Germany: to attack or to defend themselves?
  • Does Mascherano really make the difference?

To answer these questions we have created two special World Cup SWOTs: one for Germany and one for Argentina. We identified features of each team, based on materials found in newspapers or websites, conversations with our friends and our knowledge about the sport we all love. Then we run whole analysis and created insights about each team. It was real fun!

Germany should use defence strategy and the best strategy for Argentine is aggressive strategy with open atack!


Now, we would like to share it with the world.

Here is the special link: World Cup 2014 SWOTs with our SWOT analysis for both teams.

Everyone who clicks the link gets his own copy of analysis, so each and every person is allow to play with those analysis without any limits. Change the features which are important, add new ones, change rankings or relations and share the result with us! Maybe we missed something and the strategies should be totally different. Let us know and put your comments below this post. We have only two days left, this Sunday we will verify who was right!

Here you can find more detailed description of conducting SWOT for World Cup: Germany vs Argentina – SWOT analysis

If you find out any other feature, that is important please, comment this here, we might add it to shared to everyone SWOT



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